Master Cleanse Commence!

  • Eliminates congestion and built-up toxins in the body.
  • Cleanses the digestive system, especially the kidneys.
  • Flushes and rehydrates cells, glands, and vital organs.
  • Promotes healthy blood flow and movement of lymph for better efficiency of the blood-stream and lymphatic system.
  • Helps restore skin elasticity resulting in a more youthful appearance.

These are just a few of the extensive list of benefits the Master Cleanse promises. The Master Cleanse is a health potion whose ingredients include lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Guzzle or sip this concoction for an extended length of time (anywhere from 3-40 days) and it’s like hitting the reset button on your health!

“Unbelievable!”, you say. Quite the contrary, my friends. I’ve tried and succeeded on this specific cleanse many times throughout my life. Each and every time, I’ve experienced a 99.99999% improvement in my overall health. The amazing thing is, health is not the only area in which I achieved success! I always end up shedding a couple unwanted pounds of fat, losing excess water weight, drastically clearing and improving my skin’s complexion, and feeling 10 years younger and 10 times happier! =) YAY!

Throughout my adolescence (and even still today), I’ve had a very keen interest in my health. It started as a vanity thing. It was around the age of 15 that the war on my face had started to reach its climax. There were pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and zits fighting to dominate my T-zone and cheeks. My high school’s yearbook quote should have read, “That’s not even me!” because that’s pretty much what I muttered to myself upon exiting the girl’s bathroom all those gruesomely ugly years.

After many disheartening trips to the Dermatologist and the ritualistic nightly application of god-knows-what kind of topical creams, I was fed-up. I was tired of avoiding cameras and alienating myself from pictures with friends. I was sick of looking in the mirror only to see a ‘Pizza Face’ reflection staring back at me.

So what did I do? Yahoo. That’s right, I’m 28 years young and eerily, Yahoo was still the preferred search engine of the time. I searched everything I could about acne.. the causes, the treatment, etc. Naturally, I stumbled upon all kinds of health-related articles explaining how acne is for the most part, diet-related.

“Woah, woah woah. This was crazy new to me. “You mean what I eat has a direct effect on my body and its state of health?! NO WAY! So what you’re saying is, if I eat greasy fries, oily burgers and fatty, sugary milkshakes it will effect the way I look and feel?!” Incredible!”

It was then that I realized I was single-handedly responsible for forging the war on my face! I was causing my own acne by my insatiable consumption of McDonalds, Wendy’s and every other fast-food chain I loved at the time. Flashback to me and my friends walking through White Castle’s 24hr drive-thru at 3am to load up on cheese fries, onion rings and burgers. Yes, I’m from the East Coast. And yes, we were on foot. Shameless.

All of the health information I had learned, I applied immediately. “No more fast food”, I told myself. “I’ll have clear skin if it’s the last thing I do!” I ditched the Slurpees and chugged 7-eleven’s 2 for $2 liters of Poland Spring water instead. I cut out all the fried food and gave up the artificial sugar. Slowly but surely, the monster mask began to fade, revealing my original, pretty face! I was so happy to finally have my young, fresh skin back!

In between my acne-laden phase and now, I’ve experienced such an intense, roller-coaster ride of a health journey. I went Vegetarian while watching the movie “Earthlings”. That was senior year of high school, 2005. I discovered “Juice-fasting” and “Master-Cleansing” during my first year of college in 2006. I eliminated yogurt in 2010 and began transitioning to a Vegan diet. I embarked on my first 28 day “Water fast” in January of 2013. The first time I heard the term “Raw Vegan” was late February of 2014.

My most recent fast was actually 4 months ago. While traveling Thailand and Malaysia, my friend Bonnie and I endured a 21 day Water Fast from the 9th – 30th of December. A Water Fast is when you abstain from all food and drink except water. The average person’s digestive system is daily and endlessly bombarded with a surplus of junk but once you stop eating you give your system a well-deserved break allowing it to heal from within.

Yes, I know it’s crazy. Why would we do such a thing? We were on vacay in countries that have some of the most delicious, exotic fruits and cooked foods, not to mention the cheapest! I couldn’t tell you why we chose that time to fast. It was a rather spontaneous decision to be honest.

So alas, we drank and ate nothing but water for 21 days. We cried because it was painful. We laughed because it was ridiculously hilarious. We were happy because we were giving our insides a good cleaning. We were giving our digestive systems a holiday. We were pissed off because we couldn’t indulge in all the Thai and Malay goodness. We died. We were reborn. But, indeed, we survived and came out feeling more alive than we had ever felt before!

By day 21 I had lost like 30 pounds and my skin had cleared up completely. Bonnie had a major healing crises occur in her elbow and knee, places she had recently suffered injuries during a serious bike accident. She lost about 20 pounds and her acne cleared up immensely.

So as you can see, I’m kind of a health-nut. I’m interested in not just maintaining my health, but achieving what I consider Optimal Health. This means clear and radiant eyes and skin. This means easy-peasy digestion and regular, neutral-smelling bowel movements! This means pleasant body odor and fresh breath. It means effortless flexibility and respiration. This means normal weight range and low-normal body fat percentage. This means hopping out of bed every morning with vigor ready to conquer the world! This means smiling from ear to ear and laughing throughout the day, just because. It means being care-free and jumping around, having fun like you did when you were a kid! Optimal Health is feeling your ABSOLUTE BEST and nothing less! Who doesn’t want that?

Anyway, sorry we got side-tracked. I just figured most, if not all, of the above information was crucial to understand the Master Cleanse part. Well, not exactly, but I do love to tell a good story and share my own experiences, especially if it has the potential to help others! So finally, how does this have anything to do with the Master Cleanse?

The healing that takes place on a Water fast is much greater than that of a Master Cleanse. True. However, a Water Fast is way more intense. It is very vigorous and relentless in its process. The detox symptoms you experience are a lottt more severe, especially if you’re coming from a history of disease, poor health and nutrition, or just a standard American/western-style diet.

I recommend a Master Cleanse for people who are new to cleansing and detoxing because it’s not as strenuous as other types of fasts. If you’re a person who’s never done anything like this before, this could be a great start to your journey towards Optimal Health! Or you could use the Master Cleanse to simply give your body a break from the strain and stress of heavy foods, lose the last few pounds to fit into that bikini, or clear up your complexion for next week’s picture-day!

Now back to my journey, I’m a binge/stress-eater. And lately, I’ve been a bit stressed in response to some family stuff going on. After my last Water Fast, my diet had been mostly fruit, raw whole foods, some whole cooked foods and lots of fresh juices. Once hit with family-related stress, I fell off the wagon again resorting to all sorts of vegan junk and comfort foods.

Since consuming these nutrient-empty foods, I’m naturally feeling subpar health-wise, which directly negatively effects me mentally and spiritually. My skin is dry as hell, face is greasy, pimples are starting to surface, and my weight is steadily on the rise.

To remedy this, my plan is to Master Cleanse for the next 14 days! I hope to clear up these blemishes, rehydrate my cells, organs, skin and hair, de-bloat, drop a few pounds before the summer starts, and regain my usual optimistic attitude towards life!

If partaking in a Master Cleanse sparks your interest, feel free to hit the reset button with me! I’ll likely either be posting updates daily or posting a final update to report the progress I made and how it all went! Oh yea, here’s the recipe…

OG Master Cleanse Recipe (a day’s worth):

60 oz. filtered water

12 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup

12 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice (or 5 squeezed lemons)

Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder

You can alter the recipe a bit. For example, I prefer to use distilled water instead of filtered. I use organic grade A syrup when I can’t find grade B or if it’s too expensive. In my experience, 5 lemons doesn’t make it lemon-y enough for my taste, so I use 10-12. Lastly, I just shake the cayenne pepper in there ’til it’s a reddish-yellow color. I like it spicy. ;-]

Some links to check out! …

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Cheers guys! & Thanks for reading!



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