Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’

DAY 2!

So as you can guess by the huge hint above, I broke the dry fast at approximately 9:45 this morning! I really wanted to keep at it but my body told me to stop. Eh, maybe it was my mind. But really, my mouth was super dry, I was dizzy every time I stood up and my energy was at like 5% while helping my nephew fit the “AH-TAH-GAHN” piece into his shapes puzzle.

That first sip of spicy lemonade was eeevvveeerrryyyttthhhaaannnggg, let me tell YOU. Especially in this desert heat. (It was 105 today!) I had about 2 64oz glass jugs of the stuff throughout the day. It was wonderful. No real detox symptoms. Just a bit of food cravings.

I guess I surpassed the initial detox symptoms by starting off with the dry fast, which is awesome. Usually the first three days are hell. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting. Those are all pretty common occurrences on a cherry-popped Master Cleanse. “But I can’t see you every night” Sorry, ‘About a Girl’ is playing and I couldn’t help myself. Oh, forewarning, get used to me breaking out in song mid-post.. it happens on the reg. (Did I just say ’“On the reg”? FML)

Yeahhh so, feeling good! I look like shit though. I suffered a small break-out on my chin. This is telling of kidney-related stress (prob due to being overworked the passed few days with delicious vegan junk food). My face, thighs, and everything else are still bloated from all the salt I was eating. It’ll be a lil while ’til the water retention dies down. Patiently waiting to no longer be a chipmunk.

Oh! I did almost dive into a moment of weakness during the nephew’s lunch time. While putting a tray of Trader Joe’s sweet potata fries in the oven, the frozen fry juice got on my hands and I almost licked them! Actually, I tried hard to refrain from smelling my fingers but I couldn’t resist. That shit cray. Hahahah

So that’s about it for tonight’s update. I’m here listening to Nirvana and falling karmically in love with Cobain. According to certain astrological sources, me and him are like 97% compatible! I’m tellin’ you, it’s his Pisces Sun conjunct my Pisces Moon. ;] < 333



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