“Fruit, Sweat & Tears” (release party)

Tuesday, May 31st, I received a Facebook message from my cousin-in-law, Mahirah. “We have a new blog up and I was wondering if you’d like to contribute. You can share about anything and everything in this world…” she said.

Writing. A pastime I’ve always loved dabbling in, but at the same time, was always fearful of being rejected for. “I would love to when I have time… that would be so cool!” I quickly replied, hiding my doubtful reluctance.

Oh God. I sunk low into my desk chair and began ferociously biting my fingernails. “Write for a blog?!”, I thought. “What the heck am I gonna write about?! I’m gonna sound like a fool!” It’s this very mindset, that has held me back my entire life.

As a child, I could never find the right words to say, let alone manifest my thoughts into complete sentences. I was constantly interrupted with the condescending questions, “What are you talking about?” and “Do you even know what you’re saying?”, before I could even finish a sentence. Such criticism only helped to further alienate my already invisibly-cloaked confidence.

I was discouraged from sharing my thoughts aloud. Someone either laughed, shook their head at, or looked away from my spoken word, leaving me hopelessly disempowered. This stifling feeling and inability to effectively communicate stuck its foot out and tripped me all throughout childhood, well into, and way beyond my adolescent years. I felt embarrassingly shy, unheard and stupid.

It wasn’t until my post-college years that I found the courage to speak louder, hold my head up higher, and be more social. Coming out of my shell has been an effortful process that has led to many liberating self-discoveries.

I think my contribution to OneShoulder.sg‘s blog could not only inspire and help others, but help further my self-understanding as well. After all, the home of infinite freedom is nestled inside the Soul of the Self. And poetically, writing allows us to get in touch with that Soul-self.

Honestly, I had to dust my thinking cap off a bit before attempting to produce any solid content. It wasn’t long, though, before all sorts of good stuff started to pour out of my head, through my restlessly typing fingertips, and into the Cyber World.

Reuniting with my true self, via writing, felt sooo wonderful! And after submitting my first post, I was instantly inspired to create my own blog! It only took 12+ hours of slamming on the keyboard like a madwoman, for me to finally realize that I have so much to say and write! “So, why are you hiding?”, I asked myself.

In that moment, I decided I’d let go of fear, and share one of the biggest parts of my life with the world, my health! Yay!

I’m super excited to announce that my newly created blog is alive and kicking! It’s titled “Fruit Sweat & Tears“! and is pretty much a diary of daily updates pertaining to my cleanses, fasts, dietary slip-ups, revelations, travels and all the random whos, whys, and hows in between. I would love for you to join me on my quest for optimal health!

Finally, I want to say “Thank you” to whoever’s reading this and especially to Mahirah, for lending me a MIC to project my inner voice. I’m grateful for the opportunity to use this platform as an outlet to express my most passionate thoughts, feelings and experiences. And to not only share these things with you guys, but to have faith in myself and believe that I am important enough to be heard!

Stop by OneShoulder.sg June 21st, for my “14 day Master Cleanse Finale” update , along with many other interesting posts and check out their fashion site as well!

❤ Quinn


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