Dat MC

“It is my greatest pleasure to wake up each day, and turn life’s given lemons (and cayenne pepper) into (spicy) lemonade.”

Days 5 & 6 Complete!

… and I am super thrilled to inform you, that during my last few morning trips to the bathroom, I’ve noticed sediment in my urine! You know what that means! The Kidneys, they are a filterin’! Awww yeahhh.

Some other observations:

  • Another bowel movement! Last one was 2 days ago. Efff “Smooth Move”!
  • Gassy AF. Stomach’s a bit bloated. Something’s goin on in there, for sure… can’t wait for that enema tomorrow.
  • Feeling happier and lighter, especially after a BM. ;]
  • Blemishes are clearing up.
  • Eyes look a bit brighter.
  • Tongue’s been so coated, I gotta brush it like 4 times. (Always with water, never toothpaste)
  • Stretching really helps to get the blood and lymph flowing.
  • Double chin’s completely gone! (Yes, I had that… and yes, it was disgusting.)

The last three days, I’ve been “Quantum Eating“. Well technically, Quantum “MC-ing”. Haha I have my first sip of MC around 9 or 10am, and cease all consumption at like 2pm. This gives me a 5 hr window to indulge in the master’s lemonade. The other 19 hours are spent Dry Fasting. Kinda challenging at first but got easier as the days went by.

This method of eating (or, in my case, master-cleansing) and dry fasting, gives the body a full break during those non-eating/drinking hours, allowing for increased healing & weight loss. It also dramatically slowwwwws down the ageing process! It’s frikkin’ amazing! The recommended eating window is 8 hours and fasting time is 16 hrs. I like to go 17-20, but that’s just my crazy ass being extra.

If you’ve ever practiced intermittent fasting, Q eating is similar. Just exclude any kind of beverages during fasting time and it’s the exact same thing! I feel great using this method! It feels soooo much more intuitive than eating & drinking all hours of the day, like a maniac. I’ll probably make this a daily habit after the cleanse is done!

No cravings at allllll, for anything!




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