The Dose Makes the Poison

DAY 10!

Hollyyyyyyyy CowWww! Day flippin’ TEN! I feel like I’ve been handed the baton in the last leg and I’m ready to sprint my ass to the finish line!

Today was an ordinary day. Nothing exciting happened. I had my usual runny, cayenne, lemon-pulped butt vomits. It was pretty bland (the day), physically anyway.

I DID however speak with a friend about my cleansing and she put me on to SOOOOO much information, some of which I’d heard of before (but not as in-depth) and shared with me some of her crazy experiences with … INTESTINAL WORMS & PARASITES!

Yes. If you were earth-born you most probably have a few. Add 10 more to that assumption if you’ve ever eaten milk products, eggs, or anything processed. Add 20+ more if you’ve ever tasted cow, pig, lamb, chicken, fish, or followed a westernized/Standard American Diet in general. YES. Tapeworms, hookworms, pinworms, liver flukes, candida, etc. are alive, very well, and have most likely been stay-cationing in your host body for the past… all your life.

Ever since hearing about parasites yearrrsss ago, before my first juice fast in 2006, I’ve always thought I had them. I’d undertaken numerous fasts, cleanses, diets, etc. I was vegan, I’ve been raw vegan, fruit-based, everything. I’ve not ONCE seen a worm or anything like it come out of me. Some poops were VERY questionable. But I’ve honestly never seen a long, wriggly body with a head or anything that looks like a parasite in the toilet. Not like the photos you see on Google Images.

So I thought to myself, “Oh you’re totally fine, you’re good, you don’t have parasites ’cause you eat so clean and do all these fasts and shit… guess you don’t have to worry about that”. I’m starting to question this after two years in attempt(s) to transition to a fully raw lifestyle and VERY LITTLE sustained success.

“WHAT THE FUCK is really wrong with me? WHY CAN’T I just stay raw!? Why do I constantly go back to eating vegan junk food and all kinds of greasy cooked shit if I KNOW how GREAT I feel when I DON’T!? How come I continue to relapse and eat the poison that I KNOW IN MY HEART AND SOUL makes me feel like SHIT?! Do I have a death wish? Do I want to kill myself? Is it something in my subconscious programming that forces me to go back?” These are the self-blaming questions I ponder as I shake my head amidst a table of Indian take-out and bag of snacks from Brooklyn Standard.

Well, after hearing my friend’s mind-blowing experience and doing a bit of research, I’m totally convinced. I MUST have parasites. And THEY are the *REAL* reason for my junk food cravings. THEY lead me to relapse back to the SAD Vegan lifestyle time and time again, no matter how disciplined I stay. No matter how much WILL POWER I muster! It’s not a matter of will or mind! There are who-knows-how-many SOMETHINGS inside of me with minds and agendas of their own! Literally, telling me what to eat and making my decisions FOR ME to ensure their survival! This is a god damn Sci-fi movie folks.

So, she put me on to this protocol. There’s this divine elixir said to heal all of your ailments, whether they be physical, mental… psychological even.  It’s called Turpentine. That’s right, TURPENTINE. And no. It’s not the paint thinner we all would initially guess it is. 100% Gum Spirits Turpentine is actually PINE OIL! It is essential oil derived from pine trees! And apparently, it is Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet, in a 4oz glass bottle and sold on Amazon for under 15 bucks. I am not joking.

While everyone runs around using and thinking of Turpentine as just some hazardous chemical agent, people are out there healing themselves with it. Arthritis, glandular problems, parasitic and bacterial infections, candida, inflammation, brain fog, IBS, you name it. Turpentine seems to be able to solve it!

I listened to DR Jennifer Daniels talk all about her early 90’s discovery and experiments with Turpentine HERE. She talks about having used it to heal many of her patients as well as family members and how she, herself, has found it beneficial to longer life and anti-ageing. You can apply it topically/externally, too. This shit is nuts! I became obsessed with learning more about this so all I’ve been able to accomplish today was drinking 3 64oz jars of the MC, pooping, peeing and researching about Turpentine!!!!!

I actually learned about DR Daniels through a friend of a friend, Danny. He goes by the name of ‘Sun Fruit Dan’ and is a raw vegan health coach based in Thailand. He eliminated his systemic Candida in just 3 weeks using Turpentine! He’s got loads of information about this topic on his YouTube channel here. Super thorough and informative!

I found this all out last night. So of course, the minute I understood what needed to be done, I went to the Amazon and bought the stuff to get a PROPER parasite flush goin’. I bought the Turpentine and Organic Coffee, which I’ll use to perform that Coffee Enema I was tellin’ you about! Crazy crazy crazyyyy. I signed up for a free prime trial JUST so I could get 2 day shipping because I’m leaving AZ in less than a week and I NEED to test this out! My weapons should arrive tomorrow and I CAN NOT WAITTTTTTT! I’ll def. def. be posting about it. I KNOW something’s gonna come out of me. I just know it. And I’m so ready. Hahahahah

So pretty much, you take a teaspoon of Turpentine with sugar cubes, chase it with a couple cups of water, then wait for the magick to happen. The DR said she felt significantly elated less than a MINUTE after taking it, as if her mind had ‘turned back on’. She mentioned feeling like her IQ had jumped 10 points! Crazy right? She says if you have regular healthy bowel activity (3 BMs a day), parasites will be expelled quicker and easier. If you are constipated, Castor Oil is added to the protocol. This DR doesn’t mention anything about Coffee Enemas but they are recommended for quickly and thoroughly cleaning out dead parasites after the Turp has killed ’em. Coffee Enemas also help remove toxins from the body and ease die-off symptoms (adverse reactions to the dead worm toxic-waste). I am SO STOKED to try this out!

As for my Master Cleanse update, nothing that profound really. Still feeling great, still no cravings, same kinda bowel movements. Looks like I’m steadily losing weight, not exactly sure how much. Skin is clearing up a lot more, whites of my eyes look healthier. Hmmm… ohh! My heels have softened and healed! They were really dry and cracked before starting the cleanse and I haven’t done anything to fix them other than stay hydrated with MC, so it must be that. All bloating has gone down except for my stomach. It’s extremely distended which I’m sure is a parasitic thing and hopefully, tomorrow’s flush will help clear that up for good!

Isn’t this amazing though? Like, so much invaluable information about health is out there- if you WANT it! I’m so grateful for people like DR Daniels, my fruity friends, Sun Fruit Dan, and other people in the holistic world trying to find alternatives to modern hellicine, healing themselves naturally and sharing their truth! It’s a blessing to be on this journey and have so much support from all angles. Wow, I just realized that mid-sentence. Haha I’m so happy =D LOVE.

’til tomorrow



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