100% Pure Maple Syrup from the Providence of Quebec

Day 13!


Hello, hello! I can’t stop burping or shall I say, Turping, as I type this. Hahahahahaharrrr

So the last 2 days have been GREAT! I’m still feeling light, happy, and wonderful as per usual. But, I’m so so so so sooooo bummed to report that… I really have NOTHING to report. I still haven’t seen any critters evacuate my being and I’m feeling pretty blasé about it! I’ve been following the protocol correctly, for the passed 3 days. Wake up, drink 1 tsp of Turpentine with sugar or maple, chase with a glass of water, wait a few hours before drinking any master cleanse, follow with an evening coffee enema. But still nothin’. “I got nothin’.”

I spoke to a couple of friends and they say wait a bit more for it to kick in, it can take weeks. Also heard if you’re really clean inside, you may not suffer any die-off symptoms. So maybe that’s it? Maybe they’re all dying off, I’m just not noticing? But they would COME OUT at least, no? Wahhhh I dunno.

I’m gonna continue this routine ’til I leave in a few days. It turns out, I can’t bring the Turp on the plane!!! It’s flammable… and other stuff. They probably wouldn’t buy that I’m drinking it to get rid of intestinal worms. I was thinkin’ I could try to sneak it on with some oil-based paints and say I’m an artist but ehhh- I don’t wanna risk it. So yeah, that frikkin’ sucksss. Whatever. I guess I won’t be able to do this during my week in Michigan for the fest, which, I mean, is probably a good thing. Who wants to be poopin’ parasites in the middle of a music festival? Hahaha Still could happen though.

Since I wasn’t having any success with enemas, I thought maybe I should use a laxative. I figured that might produce a more thorough effect and I would see some parasites. I remember someone mentioning magnesium citrate while browsing curezone so I bought a bottle. Took a teaspoon of turp, waited a little over an hour, drank the magnesium citrate, chased with water.

About an hour or two later, I was on the toilet. More liquid poops. This time though, there were a couple of stringy thingys floating around too. They were like translucent pale brown yellowish mucous looking things that disintegrated as I flushed. My friend says it is biofilm, which is apparently what worms and their eggs live inside of! So, I guess the biofilm begins to break down first, THEN the parasites! Making progress! Woop Woop!

If it really does take up to two weeks to see any parasites leave the body, I’m just being crazy overzealous. But I really wanna see worms in my poop! Is that too much to ask?! Hahaha Hmmm, on second thought, let me be careful what I wish for. Maybe I should be grateful for my current state of health and happy with the progress I’ve made.

Because, helloOooo. 13 whole days of nothin’ and I mean NOTHING but lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper is a pretty big achievement! And by the end of tomorrow, it’ll be 14!

Highlights. My hair and skin are super soft again. My curls are bouncy and back in action! Feelin’ a whole lot slimmer all around with the exception of my still protruding tummy. Face has slimmed down the most. Complexion is SUPER clear, my jaw line is back, no double chin, nose is no longer swollen and congested, cheekbones are coming back! No body odor whatsoever. Tongue is still coated, but a lot less than before.

Since I started taking the turp, I noticed I drink less MC. Days ago, I could go through like 3 64oz jars easily! Now, I’m completely satiated with just 1! Wow, I just realized this could totally mean that parasites have died! I told you before, they are usually the source of cravings and responsible for leaching your nutrients, leaving you with none. It’s possible the turpentine’s killing them and I’m able to absorb more nutrients from the MC now, allowing me to feel satisfied with less. Amazing! Well, if that’s really what’s happening, then yes, amazing!

The time of day I’m most thirsty is upon waking, around 8am. The rest of the day I’m fine unless I’m ultra busy and running lots of errands. But I’ve been back and forth and all around these passed few days and feel perfectly fine! It’s definitely the Turpentine. Rhyme, rhyme, rhyme.

My friend also told me she does apple cider vinegar enemas! She said these really helped her expel a lot more worms and stuff than the coffee ones. As tempted as I am to jump into a different type of enema, I’m gonna stick to the coffee for now. I’ll try ACV in a few weeks. One step at a time…

So I finally decided, YES. I will be breaking the Master Cleanse with Watermelon! “I could go on forever, baby” (with the MC), but my tongue is dyin’ to try summa that in-season, sweet, juicy, red and pink, green-rinded fruit! Taste buds wanna taste! So, I’m totally breaking with Watermelon. I am sooooo excitedddd! Ahhhh man. Sunday morning couldn’t come any sooner!



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