Holyyyyy Molyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Hello Friends!

Yes! I am, in fact, ALIVE and doing SPLENDIDLY.

Actually, I’m literally all over the fucking place. It’s been soooo hard for me to even sit down and focus on writing this post. Partially because I have SOOOO, maybe even TOO MUCH to say, and more so because I’ve been RIDICULOUSLY BUSY since I’ve gotten back to Brooklyn!!!!

Wooohhhh! So, yes! I’m back in New York! The city that never sleeps! REALLY! I mean that. THIS CITY NEVER SLEEPS. NYC IS Insomnia at its finest.

I got back Wednesday night. It’s Sunday evening as we speak. The minute I arrived I had to clean my apartment, which was an absolute PIGSTUY. I mean, at least an inch of dust blanketed each counter top and shelf. There were R O A C H E S. ROACHES in my apartment!!! I turned the lights on to a whirlwind of roaches! Crawling up the walls! Scurrying across the floor! Running for cover! They were big. Okay, not small little ants or baby roaches. Like, they were XL to GIANT sized Cockroaches. Dude, when I left, 4 months ago, there were no roaches here. I’m gone for a couple months and the place goes to shit. SMH

So after scrubbing the apartment from top to bottom and getting rid of any unnecessary junk I could find, I was ready to rent the room. Our last housemate left for LA in June and the room has been empty ever since. We live in a 3 bedroom and I’m responsible for finding roommates hence my annoyance towards an unkempt apartment. How can I show a room or place of residence when it looks like SHIT?! I can’t! UGHHH!!! Okay. But thankfully the house is clean now, the ad is finally up, and hopefully someone will respond soon! RANT OVER.

So let’s get you all filled in on my adventures since I left Arizona 2 weeks ago!

Phoenix – Detroit
I landed in Detroit Wade Airport at 5pm on Monday the 20th of June. My friend wasn’t due ‘til 6pm the NEXT day. I had originally intended to Couch Surf since a ton of lovely people on offered to host me but I felt it was cheaper and easier to just post up in the airport for the night. Why not?

I bought a Mango Naked Juice for dinner and found a cozy little nook to sleep in. It was actually the children’s play area which conveniently was empty while I slept from 1 – 6am. There was a plush carpet with cars and trains, booth-style seating and a bunch of airplane posters all around. It was chill. Oh, there was also a fun house mirror. That was fun. Haha

Wake up in the morning and walked back and forth to get the lymph moving. The airport only has like 2 floors but I didn’t wanna get locked out of the floor I was on so I just paced from one end of that floor to the other. 2 more Mango Naked Juices down the hatch. I figured if I wasn’t gonna break the MC with Watermelon, I might as well mono-juice. Oh hey, I almost forgot to mention that I stuck my hand thru the gate of some café during closing hours and stole a banana! Thee most DELICIOUS BANANA I HAVE EVER EATEN.

Bonnie hopped out of whatever gate it was I can’t remember, at around 5:55pm. I was SO HAPPY! Finally!!!!!! I hadn’t seen my soul sister since Thailand!!! That was 6 months ago! Holy shit it felt so WONDERFUL to be reunited with her! I love her sooooo much! Jeez! So we walked out together to meet Bonnie’s Aunt Marie, whose sister we were staying with the night before the music festival.

She drove us to “Nino Savaggio’s”, the fancy fruit market of Grosse Pointe Michigan. It was PoPpiNnNnnn. They had like 3 varieties of watermelon, cherries, all fresh, local fruit and they also had COTTON CANDY GRAPES! My favorite! Oh my gosh! If you’ve never tried Cotton Candy Grapes, you need to go out and find them like, RIGHT NOW. I think they’re still in season. Apparently, they’re a cross between a concord and a table grape and they somehow taste like COTTON CANDY. Like legit, it’s mouth blowing. !!!

We got to Aunt B and Mr. G’s quaint, perfect little house in “Grossay Pointay“. It was like something out of the Home Alone movie! The prettiest wallpaper you could imagine dressed each wall. Everything from the casual dining room, to the fancier dining room, to the striped-rugged basement with the handmade choo-choo trains and boats, to Mr G’s map marked with primary colored travel pins was TOO CUTE. Not to mention, the ever-burning flame in the coo-koo clock looking house strategically placed above the tiled archway of the kitchen and the cutest little Pineapple doorbell EVERRR! This was the house I was blessed to rest my over exhausted head at the night we arrived. It was the best sleep I’d had in a REALLY LONG TIME. Damn, it was too good.

Our beautiful friends arrived the next day! So much anticipation and then BAM! One after another they arrived. 2, then another 2, then the last one just as we were finishing up a lovely dinner of Vegan bean chili made by Aunt B. What a ❤ SWEETHEART ❤ Me and Bonnie ate fruit, of course, haha.

“We’re leaving in a couple hours.” Oh my God really?! Our friends had all just drove 10 hours from NY and NJ. They now planned to sleep for 4, wake up at 2am, and hit the road. How badass are my friends?!??!

At 2am we said our goodbyes and got to driving. We’re on the other end of Michigan. Electric Forest is in Rothbury. We’ve got a 3 hour drive ahead of us. Plugged in my ipod and listened to the sweet sounds of Deftones and The Knife on the way to Walmart for a fruit and baby wipe haul. Yes, we were destined to live in the forest for 4 days with no shower. =D FUN!


Electric Forest, Rothbury Michigan
We arrived. And the clouds are rolling in just as we are. We drive passed a ton of freshly tented camps and totem poles of blow up dolls with giant penises attached to them. The smell of tree is everywhere as we wait in the long line of cars to set up our home for the weekend.


It’s Electric! Boogie woogie woogie! And it’s also raining! So my beautiful friends handle the manual labor like the awesome human beings they are, while I ever so lazily sleep in the passenger seat of the car. Our super clutch friend brought his FolksVagen tent for all of us to share and I immediately felt like I was back at Woodstock in 1967. Fuck yes!


Okay, so I’ve actually decided I’m not going to disclose every single detail of the festival. A lot of stuff went on that I’d prefer to keep to myself. Nothing bad happened. It was actually the BEST TIME OF MY ENTIRE FUCKING EXISTENCE. I feel like a BETTER version of myself has blossomed from every experience that came out of this festival and I feel the most grateful I have ever felt in my life. I was also able to harness and cultivate more SELF LOVE than I even know what to do with now. I hugged myself (and everyone & every tree) the entire time. The greatest lesson of the weekend for me was Faith.


Before arriving at the festival, I was a bit heartbroken. I was sad and lonely and feeling upset at the world. I was mad about all the family related turbulence I was experiencing prior and just super anxious about things that were completely out of my control. I was angry that I couldn’t control those things! I was worried, afraid, kind of depressed. I’m usually super optimistic in spite of how I truly feel emotionally.

So there, that explains my ability to keep my game face on and act like everything’s fine. But honestly, it wasn’t. I was down and I only realized just how far down I was when I got to the festival. Reuniting with my friends, I realized how ‘off’ I was during my stay in Arizona. I wasn’t myself at all. I was far from the “Me” I’m used to feeling like.

It’s funny because a similar thing happened while I was in Malaysia meeting the family I never knew I had. I felt like them. I felt like my grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, my aunts and uncles. I didn’t feel like myself.

This happens to me often. I’ve realized that I’m just so sensitive to my immediate surroundings. Call me a chameleon. I just fucking shape-shift into whatever I’m around, negative or positive. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just important to be aware of this heightened sensitivity to energy. I’m an empath and I need to be careful what and who and where I choose to be.

So, yeah, pretty much, I felt like SHIT before I got to Electric Forest. I remember the first night. In the forest, there’s this pink-lit, giant ballerina, called the Giving Tree. You give something to the tree and you take something from the tree. Or just give, Or just take. Whatever you wish. I ended up giving some crystals to my new friend while we sat and talked under the beautiful, lush and leafy branches of GT. Shortly after I handed the crystals over to my friend, this guy came up to me, took my arm, held my hand, and slid his bracelet onto my wrist! I looked down at the orange beaded bracelet to read the word “Respect”. !!!


OMG THANKYOU! It was exactly what I needed! And it was so much better than just taking something from the GT. It was gifted! =D Shortly after this exchange, I felt a surge of gratitude flood my bones. I hugged my friend and started to cry. “Omg dude, I feel so stupid. All this time, I’ve been upset because I feel underappreciated by my family, unloved at times, taken advantage of, and just, I feel I give so much of myself and so much love and I never get that back from the people I give it to. I feel disrespected and used”

…… “And then I just realized, in this moment, that I shouldn’t think in those ‘tit for tat’ terms. Because the UNIVERSE will ALWAYS give back. The universe will always have my back and love me UNCONDITIONALLY. And RESPECT me no matter what. I need to do the same. I need to respect the Universe wholeheartedly. Respect and have faith in its plan for me and in the people that inhabit it.”


In that moment, I felt so FREE! Such a feeling of joy and liberation took over me. I just wept and wept and wept. It was such a beautiful revelation that I will never forget. These mini to HUGE epiphanies sporadically occurred throughout my entire time at the festival. I can’t go through every one because it’s seriously too much to even type. But just know, I made AMAZING strides in my spiritual journey at Electric Forest and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to experience it! AHHHHH!!!! ❤


The sights in the forest were super dope. Everything was litttt up. There were hot-air balloons flyin’ around, lanterns hanging everywhere, disco balls sprinkling their speckled lights around the trees and ground, enormous art installations, an astrological clock!, a really big Ferris wheel that flashed all night with trippy patterns and colors, several giant stages with amazing detail and funny names. And the TREES! MY GOD, the TREES!!!! They were so beautiful and tall and gorgeous!!!! The way they sparkled in the moonlight! The way they shimmied in the sunlight… they were just SPECTACULAR! By far, the stars of the show. No, not the artists, not the vendors, not the musicians, not the festival goers, NO. The fucking TREES were the BEST part of the festival. Seriously, I couldn’t get enough of them. And I thanked them every day with a hug and caress. =) Hahahahhaha I’m freakin’ nuts.


The next best thing were the connections I made with the perfect people I met. Everyone was so full of joy and love and respect and light and was so UNIQUE! Everyone was so pretty! Jesus, I wanted to just hug everyone! Ahhhhh! I feel like very special bonds were formed that will last a lifetime. I learned so much from all the people I encountered and especially the friends I went there with. They are the bee’s knees! Serious.


Oh, so the performances I really enjoyed were Flosstradamus, Fetty Wap! (Baby won’t you come my waYyYyYyYyy) When we arrived, we noticed he had been taken off the schedule. Then, out of nowhere he appeared on stage!!! And I was like GTFOH! I could not stop dancing. We literally danced 24 hours at one point. It was IN SANE.


Other artists I really liked were What so Not, Major Laser, Miner, The String Cheese Incident, Green Sky, Marian Hill, Beats Antique, and a really sick band named Dehli 2 Dublin. They were all TOO good!!! I had never heard of any of these artists before attending EF. I’m so glad to have been put on to all this new, orgasmic, heavy bass and folk music!!! It’s all SooOooo GOODDD!!!!! I’ve been blasting heavy bass drops since I got home. I need it! BASS TO THE FACEEEEEEE!!! =-O

On the last day of the festival, I had a bit of a ‘dietary slip-up’. I felt like I had forgotten to eat the whole time, so my stomach led me to a pretty rad taco stand that served VEGAN TACOS!!! They’re called Peace Love and Tacos. And damn. The kale, quinoa, whateverelsewasinthat taco was BOMB. I got 2. Then I ate a falafel salad which was aiiiiight, totally not worth 11 bucks… I coulda gotten 3 more tacos! FML. Oh! I was also on a serious hunt for the LOADED vegan baked potato my friend got the night before. But every time I went to the stand they were sold out! Totally a sign from the Universe to NOT eff up and eat too much cooked food. I took it and got more tacos instead. LOL

What else did I eat? Ohhh, fruit, duh. I had some white nectarines (too delicious), golden kiwis! (ahhh), dates and crackao for the ill midday energy booster, watermelon, a few bananas, like half a cucumber, 2 super dense cliff bars, water and the almighty KOMBUCHA from the BUCHI vendors that literally SAVED OUR LIVES. They had all sorts of incredibly tasty infusions. Air, Fire, Earth, Sovereign, Seed, Water, etc, etc. OMG so flippin’ good yo! BUCHI thank you so much! What would we have done without you?!?!?!?!

Okay also, sadly, one of our friends left a day earlier. He needed to catch his flight to Thailand. That left us a car short. We had to cram 5 of us and a buncha material possessions into a regular sized car. It was so cray. But we did it! And finally began to make our way back to Detroit! On the way back to Aunt B’s we stopped at Chipotle!!!!!! Holy Moly I’m getting’ hungry just thinkin’ about it. I got a salad with extra tomatoes, lettuce, corn, peppers, and guac on top with a side of chips DAYUMMMMMMMMM. It was heaven! Especially after a weekend of hardly eating, nonstop dancing, and walking what felt like 10 miles a day.

We slept at Aunt B’s house before heading out the next day on our 10 hour voyage back to New York. I randomly ended up driving like 4 hours! It was so fun! I’ve hardly ever driven the highway let alone through an entire state so yeah, I felt pretty badass. I got to blast my crazy shuffling ipod and annoy everyone with 80’s power ballads and Mariah Carey! =D Yay! I also made sure to stop at a Chipotle on the drive thru Pennsylvania! Nom nom nom. We had great convos the whole way back and enjoyed an hour ride through the rain where I was sure we’d skid and die any second. But we didn’t, thank the Universe! Through the Holland Tunnel, over the Verrazano Bridge and under the BQE we made it home safely and in ONE PIECE!

Ahhhh wow, what a story. TBH, that was actually the shortened version. Crazy. I feel like I’m cheating you guys because SO MUCH is missing. But it’ll have to do because there’s not enough life left in my fingers to type any more! I’m just so glad I can kind of sum this up and update you all on what’s been going on! I’m back in NY and I can definitely post more than biweekly now. So that’s a relief. When I wait too long to update, I tend to forget a lot of important details. And that’s just not fair to anybody! Haha.

Back in Brooklyn
So the other night I got to meet up with my <3BFFFFF<3 and spill all the crazy details in the flesh! We got Mexican food and vegan milkshakes to go and ate in the park while I gave her the run down. At 3am we finally left after realizing we’d been eaten alive by mosquitos! Ugh I’m still itching two days later! It was so nice to see her after 4 months and chilllllllllll omg! Just what I needed. Also, the food was BOMB. We had nachos, tacos, fries and mint chocolate chip shakes! Mmmmmm MMMMmm Oh , how I’ve missed NYC food!!!!!!

I also welcomed myself back with a nice bike ride over the Williamsburg Bridge! That was fun! I lost my water bottle speeding down the last hill and nearly died because my legs were still numb from dancing 4 days straight. It did feel really good to bike and move my body though. I wanna keep the momentum of the exercisedom going, you know? My bike’s such an angel and I love her. =D

Oh yeah, I also had a mini yard sale where I gave away most of my clothes, shoes, CDs and kitchenware… just a buncha junk I realized I was hoarding. When you leave for months with one backpack, you realize you have all you’ll ever need, right there with you. I came back to a clusterfucked house and epiphanized, “Shit! I don’t need ANY of this garbage!’ Haha The turn out was okay. I ended up just putting up a Curb Alert ad on Craiglist and leaving all the crap in front of my house. Take it all! For free! Give it away, give it away, give it away nowwwww! Feels so good to declutter! Feels so amazing to simplify! Feels even better to LET IT ALL GO! For FREEEEEEEEEEE!

As far as diet goes, I said I would start Watermelon Island the month of July and I tried. I really did. But NY food has gotten the best of me, damnit. And I’m not done yet. 2 nights ago I indulged in my favorite Mediterranean place, Hummus Mrkt. Then yesterday I ordered Thai and binged on 2 whole entrees (Pad thai and Pineapple fried rice) AND summer rolls, BY MYSELF, yes.

Tonight I’m chipotle-ing with my bff, whose NEVER TRIED the Sofritos! Which, are insanely good, after trying them for the first time on the way home from Michigan! So we’re gonna do that and probably eat some Vegan dessert after, who knows. I HAVE been eating watermelon for breakfast and lunch though, then at around 6, I eat a cooked dinner. I guess you could say I’m doing “Raw til 6” But I’m not gonna label my eating habits at the moment. I’m so much more than a diet. =D I will probably start Watermelon Island tomorrow, officially. My friend says she’s gonna try it with me! I’m so proud and excited for her! She also has been transitioning to Vegan for the passed 6 months, which is FANTASTIC!

Oh, how could I forget, our flight to Vegas leaves this Friday! Holy shit, right?!??! Like, I justttttt got back and now I’m leaving again! Only for a week though. We’re gonna celebrate my Leo bff’s August Bday at her fam’s timeshare in Vegas. It’s gonna be so dopeeeeeeeee. I can’t wait! =D

So yeah guys, hope you enjoyed this update! Sorry about being MIA for so long, I was mid-road trip! I will hopefully be able to post from Nevada next Tuesday! Woohoo! Hope you all are having an amazing summer!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!
I love you!


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