…Las Vegas!!!

It’s Monday, the 11th of July and We out here. Yuppp just me & my bff< 3 soakin’ up the sunny, dry heat of Las Vegas, Nevada! What an interesting place! It’s very aesthetically similar to Arizona. The barren desert, mountains, cacti, 0% humidity… but the vibe is pretty different. Arizona felt like the warmth of Grandma’s homemade crocheted blanket. Vegas feels like red fishnets in the backseat of Grandpa’s old Chevy.


The resort we’re at is soooo cute! (Unfortunately, I have no photos of it whatsoever) It’s like 5 minutes from the strip where all the main hotels and clubs are. It’s Hawaiian themed with palm trees and leis all over the place, a lazy river, multiple pools and jacuzzis. Step off the air conditioned, yellow hibiscus carpeted elevators of Tower 5 and into the  beachy smell of Hawaiian tropics, BBQ, and piña coladas as tiki torches light up the night. Family style… no Riri’s or Yoncé’s in sight. My kinda place.

This is my first time in Vegas. And I must say, our first night out was a bit overwhelming. We got ready and hopped aboard the party shuttle! Our crazy long-haired driver blasting Ton Loc’s Wild Thing as he recklessly barreled down the strip. Me and my friend exchanged our usual ESP glance and nod, threw our heads back and cackled. This week is gonna be littt!


High Roller, Vegas Strip

The lights, the cameras, the action! Jesus! You would think we were on the set of National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation. Or Sister Act. The hotels were outrageously huge! From Caesar’s Palace to Harrah’s to the Venetian, we hopped through crowds of zombie-like pedestrians, kids (which was eerily unsettling), buskers, performers, and suited but loosely-tied old drunken men. It was nuts! This place is like Atlantic City’s over-the-top, loaded, and gaudy Step-Auntie.

I’m hungover today guys. Yup. After 3 gin and grapefruits and a shot of tequila last night, I woke up with the worst migraine ever! Ugh! How do people even do this?! I guess not even looking 16 can hide my body’s true feelings.

But after some Vegan Buffalo wings, fries and frozen mangos I’m feelin’ much better.

We had good intentions. Literally, the morning after we arrived we went to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on Watermelon. The plan was to embark on my two month trip to Watermelon Island yesterday. And I did. But I also drank my way to a terrible hangover to which the only cure was greasy, delicious Vegan comfort food. Yummmmm. Sorry, not sorry.

So, I’m altering my dietary plans out here a bit. Watermelon Island and booze. I’m not gonna drink to get wasted, but we got gin, white wine, and Prosecco on deck and it ain’t gonna drink itself.

The goal is to maintain a nice level of tipsy without slurring my words or blacking out. I want to refrain from drinking to the point of uncontrollably needing a food binge to bring me back to sobriety. It’s easy to unjustifiably justify, irrationally rationalize and inexcusably make excuses for the most bizarreee behavior. I mean, I usually do these sorta things any way but it’s more outta control under the influence.


And with that being said, today’s a chill day! We’re headed to the lazy river and jacuzzi for about 12 more hours of this longer than expected recovery process. We decided to lay low tonight and save our energy for tomorrow’s midnight adventures and rendezvous. So as your imagination’s probably already guessed, there’s quite a bit more to this story but I’m afraid I must end it here. After all, you know what they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”



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