Watermelon Island GO!

Day 1!

Good Afternoon Brooklynnn!

So I’m here in my living room, chillin!!! Just got back from one of the craziest weeks of my life- in Vegas! Jeez, it just gets better and better. More and more interesting. More weird and serendipitous by the second. Ahhh… so grateful. So grateful for you LIFE! Thank YOU!

This morning I awoke to the sounds of forklifting and Dominican top 40 courtesy of the contradictory-to-my-whole-being meat factory next door. I sometimes wonder should I be standing outside my house protesting? Since birth, right? ‘Cause I’ve always lived here and these meat packers’ve been here since I can remember. Somehow we’re cool though. I just turn my head as they dump and deliver truck loads of a thousand porky pigs’ flesh bones and blood. What? I’m just tryna get off my block as hassle-free as possible and get to the Starbucks on Union to use the free Wi-Fi.

Can’t be a perfect Human all the time.

Anyways, on to the meat of this post!

Confessional: I’ve been soOoO bad! If you wanna see how bad just go to my last post. There’re a buncha pics to prove it. All kindsa delicious Vegan fulfillment went on in the city of Sin and I’m not the least bit guilty! No regrets! What happened in Vegas is gonna stay in Vegas! YUM. ;-]

But TODAY! Today, today, todayyy is THE day! For the rest of this month (and possibly the month of August), I’ll be takin’ a little vacation to Watermelon Island! Eatin’ alllll the watermelon. The goal is to ONLY consume fresh watermelon or watermelon juice but you know, shit happens so we’ll see!

I just got back from Trader Joe’s. Probably the cheapest watermelon you’ll find besides the Wholesaler, but I like to pick each one individually! Singin’ “Smack it, smack it, in the air” as I slap and pick only the biggest, most symmetrically oblong ones with the yellowest bellies. $3.50 a pop is what I paid. I bought like 5 to start. I’ll probably have to go back later this week to pick up some more. I plan on eating at least 1 a day. So, yeah. “COOL BEANS!”

I’m super excited to start! I guess I’ll officially start in this very moment seeing as though I drank some fresh lemonade this morning and ate 2 bananas a couple minutes ago. I’m so excited to cleanse cleanse cleanse!

I drank wayyy too much alcohol last week after not having touched the stuff in a whileee. Jesus Christ. Vegas really reminded me why I don’t drink anymore! I’m an old lady now yet can’t even tolerate Gin or Champagne! It’s crazy! I guess it’s easy to get carried away when you drink straight from the bottle. With a straw.

SoOo yeah, I’m gonna end this here. I’m still jet-lagged and all wonky. Also, I’m listening to some sickkk ass amazing ass bass drops and it’s getting reallyyy hard to focus. Haha

So Cheers! to Watermelon Island for the next couple months! Or as long as it’s fresh, ripe, juicy and in season!

Bon Voyage!



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