Do You Smell That?

Hmmm smells like…

Day Fiveeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yyayayayayayayy!!!! So fucking excited today is the 5th dayyy on this delicious abundant Island! And yeah the Watermelon smells fuckin’ amazing too!

So I usually draft this with a bullet list of points I have to touch upon, do so and then erase the list. That’s what was here. The bullets have now graduated to run-on half paragraphs. Just letting you know I do that.


Summerrrrr Vibessssssss! Is every one having like the besttt Summer everrr or whattttt?! I’m really enjoying mine- well, the one I’ve spent outside of New York any way. So far Electric Forest really takes #1 on the charts, followed by Vegas. Neither of those occurred here! So, I’m really curious to see NY try and top those experiences. Seriously, out of this worlddd. I am too grateful. =-)

New York is like a fuckin’ oven inside of a ziplock bag inside of another oven. Right now it’s 92 degrees goin’ up to 94 today with alotta percent humidity. “Nope, I don’t have an AC” is a true statement I can honestly relay to you as this white box fan repeatedly blows recycled hot and sweaty air back at me. Ughhhh. Still grateful!

I just copy and pasted today’s Beach appointment in my calendar to Sunday because, ONCE AGAIN, I woke up too late. If I’m gonna Beach it, I like to do so EARLY AS. I’m talkin’ like 6am or somethin’ so I can fall back to sleep and wake up on the sand like the Mermaid I am. That woulda been sooo nice.

Well, there’s still hope! I’ve plenty of time left before Summer ends to hit the rock, rock, Rockawaysss! I plan on practicing my Surf skills. Hahaha I had 1 lesson like 2 years ago and I can’t let go of that feeling I had after poppin’ up and surfin’ that baby wave back to shore! No I won’t let it go! It was pure nature… pure bliss… we’ll see how I feel/what time I wake up on Sunday!

Le Turpentine!!! Womp Womppp. I have nothing to say about this other than that I haven’t been taking it! I left behind all that parasite cleansing stuff I got in Arizona. Since returning home, I haven’t had the time or honestly, the MONEY to get on Amazon and buy the turp.

My last 100 was sent to Amazon fucking Prime after forgetting to cancel my free month subscription!!! Gahhhhh I knew I shoulda wrote that shit down somewhere! Now I have negative 60 bucks in the bank and a couple of dollars to my name. Whenever I obtain some monies though, I’ll def. be investing in a NY batch of parasite cleansing tools! Fun! Hopefully, within the next week or so. And I’ll be sure to update! Still, no wormy poop to date! =-(

Yeah, an enema kit would be lovely right now. My energy levels were through the roof while I was coffee enema-ing during the Master Cleanse! I need that back! I have organic coffee just sittin’ here, patiently yearning to “Get INNN my b—y!” Hahahahhaa Seriously, though.

What else, what else? Oh! I painted my bike! Woohooooo! It’s like an 80’s Pink. Like, Retro Pink. Like, a cross between Salmon and Pastel Pink… ? You get it, it’s pink. And I threw a ton of gold glitter all over the wet spray paint so it would stick. So yeah! The whole bike- Pink. From the handle bars to the pedals. I even sorta sprayed the tires to give it a messy, IDGAF kinda feel. ;-]

Unfortunately, I noticed there’re about 4 or 5 spokes missing from the front tire. I googled and found mixed answers to the question “Can I ride a bike with missing spokes?”. Some said it’s super dangerous, the tire could blow at any moment. Some said it should be alright to ride locally depending on how many spokes are missing, how long it’s been that way, etc.

I’m gonna ride it tomorrow and see what happens. I’ll be sure to wear my helmet, ride slow, and live to tell you how it went!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Gucci Mane voice). Also gonna be lookin’ for a job next week for the short time I have left in NYC. I need some cash flowww ’til at least mid-August.

Yes! There shall be more traveling! Super excited. I won’t spill the beans yet on where because I wanna keep it a secret. LMAO Honestly, that’s such a hard thing for me to even say, let alone do. Bahaha I’m forever tellin’ all my secrets to everyone, everywhere. I’m all over the place.

Ohh! I have another secret I’ve been workin’ on that I’ll be ready to drop hopefully the first of August! It’s completely fruit-related. And fun! Can’t wait to share that… so soon!!!

And for the grand paragraphale of this post… I’m starting Bikram Monday! Lord Jesus have mercy on my body! I’ve done Bikram since like 2010 in very shitty sporadic spurts (more not-going than going) that I am not the least bit proud of. BUT I had some Living Social deal bucks from a refund I received and said, Oh what the hay!

Let’s use this $35 to shamefully go back to the bougie-est Yoga in the world and melt away in the ammonia-scented 215 degree cesspool Hell that is Bikram NYC! I really just LOVE being able to get close ups of  ‘resting bitch face’ casted upon all the 40 yr olds in 12 yr old boy’s bodies! It’s wonderful!

No, no. Lemme stop. There ARE positives to Bikram. Which I’ll be able to better explain after Monday’s class refreshes my memory. Yasssss, I’m SUPER excited to sweat all these toxins out!!! YippeeEEeeee Go me! Go Bikram! Go You! With whatever you’re doing! =-D

I just wanna leave you with this as I’m infinitely inspired by everyone and everything around me, specifically Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild in this very moment.

In case you’re feeling depressed, ugly, hopeless, and/or aimless… according to this song, there’re a shit ton of ways to successfully tackle Life:

  • Get your motor runnin’
  • Head out on the highway
  • Look for the adventure in whatever comes your way
  • Take the World in a Love embrace
  • Fire all your guns at once
  • Explode into Space

If you can’t get around to doing any of these things, I thoroughly suggest listening to the song.

It’ll make you feel like you just flipped off anyone within a few feet of you (with both hands), hopped on your Harley and hit the freeway doin’ 180 shoutin’ “FUCK OFF ASSHOLESSS!!!”

Or maybe that’s just me?

Like a true Nature’s Child

Stay Wild,



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