All About It

Day 8 Today!

Wow wow WOW POW! And feeling utterly FaNtaStiCccC! =-D

What a RELIEF from the first 4 days of HELL I endured at the beginning of this water fast!

Woah! How painful and depressing that was!

On this lovely 8th day, I am very much alive, and WELL. Feeling great. Lots of energy and feeling like my usual, peppy, talkative self! YAY!

The first week is usually horrible during a water fast, especially the first 3 days. Feelings of apathy, depression, sorrow and death are all pretty normal. The body, which likes to and usually runs on glucose, is using up all its glucose reserves, and once its run out, starts shifting to ketones (fat reserves) instead. Fat is not an ideal source of energy. Its harder to convert fat to glucose than carbohydrates to glucose, so your body’s like “Wahhh, WTF is goin’ on here?” After the body has fully shifted to Ketosis (fat metabolizing state), which takes about 3 days, the hunger, sorrow and ‘grim-reaper’s-got-me’ like feelings start to dissipate. Then it’s pretty much smoooooth sailin’ depending on how toxic your body is, what you were fueling with pre-fast, etc., etc.

So yeah, the first week I could hardly move. I laid around all day, literally dying. My mouth was disgustingly dry and smelled like putrified death. I woke up every morning to the GREASIEST face I’d ever seen! I could literally catch it dripping off my face and bottle it up, that’s how bad it was! Nothing like I’d ever seen. At first, I swore it was the humidity. But after some research, I came to the conclusion that it was just really heavy detox. I mean, in Vegas, I did do a lot of eating, lots of greasy, delicious Vegan comfort foods, which I still don’t regret, but dayummmmmmmmm. It was seriously like I got hit in the face with an olive-oil pie. Haha

So as per any more detox symptoms. Ah, yes. The emotional detox was too real. I cried my eyes out non-stop 2 days straight. That was nice. I released a lot of emotional baggage I had been holding on to. It’s crazy how much weight we carry around emotionally day-in, day-out, without even realizing! Sometimes, even the stuff I thought I let go comes back to haunt me months later and I’m like “WTF did you come from?!” The emotions expel when they want to, where they want to, however they want to. But water fasting is a sure fire way to help with the release of those emotional toxins, as well as the nasty physical ones.

Some other ways to help with emotional blockage and release are, surprise-surprise, Yoga! And Mediation! Hello! … Duhhhh So of course I’ve done and partaken in these activities in the past and still do every so often, but since traveling so much, being busy and trying to be in a million and one places, doing a trillion and one things, I have to admit, I’ve been stingy with allowing myself a break to do these things. But OMG, I’ve made it a daily ritual to stretch, and practice some yoga poses every morning for the passed 4 days and it is THE BEST!

Stretching and yoga both really help to release trapped toxins in the body, which is WONDERFUL on a water fast since your body is continually in fat-burning mode. Toxins get stored in your fat which explains why your body is ultra toxic during a water fast! After a good morning stretch and a couple of Cat Cows, I lay in Savasana and meditate to Desert Dwellers, feelin’ like I’ve just gotten the most amazing massage of my life. Ahhh, heaven is really a thing.

Since incorporating these more meditative and relaxing exercises into my daily routine, I’ve felt way more calm and conscious. Conscious of how I’m feeling emotionally, whether I’m reacting or responding during my interactions with friends and family. It’s nice to feel more in control of what I say and do. ‘Cause lately, I’ve just been flippin’ out all over the place and that’s just super draining and no fun for anyone. Except maybe people who are around to witness those outbursts. Haha

What else, oh my bed time is 9pm. The latest, 10. I turn off my phones, laptop and my mind at that time. Or at least try to. I lay down and feel my energy. Reflect on the day and just chill. Feel super grateful for surviving another crazy day and for having the honor of waking up in the morning to start another one. =-)

I’ve noticed I need much less sleep than while eating. Like 5-6 hours, sometimes less. This is due to the fact that while the digestive system is awake and continuously running (mine’s completely asleep by now), more than 80% of your body’s energy is being used to digest all the crazy amounts of food we ingest all hours of the day. When you fast, that 80% of energy can be used to HEAL instead of break down and sort food particles all day. YAY for healing!

I’ve been wakin’ up at 4, takin’ a shower, meditating, yoga, stretching, listening to soft tunes- some of my favs right now are Air and Enya. Ugh! Like everything by Air, just everything. They are so amazing! But yeah, lots of rest. I think I’ve only rode my bike once to get a gallon size jug for my KOMBUCHA I just started fermenting 3 days ago! My friend gave me an extra SCOBY she had so I got started right away and the goodness should be ready by Tuesday! So excited! =-D

I’m also drinking water of course! I’ve been drinking the cheapest distilled water I could find. Did I mention I’m like 100% broke? LOL If anyone else’s also got this kind of financial situation going on the best diet to accompany your empty pockets is a Water Fast! The water’s 88c a gallon. And I only go through about half a gal, if even, a day. They say it’s best to not force down water and only drink when your truly thirsty. I’ve been following that advice and feeling great.

Yeehawwww!! So far so good! I’m almost at the 10 day mark! Again, the goal was 3 days, or 10, or 21. But I’m not concerned so much about how long I go after the 10 day mark. It would be ideal to go until my Kombucha is ready, that way I could just start a Kombucha fast and REALLY save money! I’ll have an unlimited supply of the stuff so what better way to be both economical and resourceful! And grateful for the Buch, of course! The more you drink, the more the Buch feels loved and appreciated and then the more Buch it births! What a beautiful symbiotic relationship! It reminds me of the relationship humans have with fruit! Such a warm and comforting feeling to know these relationships in Mother Nature exist, are all around us and can be developed, cultivated, and shared! So divine!

So ATM, I’m busy busy busy, working from my computer and getting shit done around the haus. Which is cool ’cause I’m still not 100% energy-wise. The energy comes in waves. At certain points throughout the day I’ll be feeling really shitty and need to lay down, then all of a sudden BOOM the energy is back in full force and I feel like I’ve either gotta talk to someone for hours, clean, or go for a long walk. Oooh, long walks are nice. Might take one later, depends how I’m feeling then.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Happy to have enough energy to finally update! Hope every one is feeling great and enjoying this long-awaited SUNSHINE!




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