Oh HAPPY Days!

Hello, HELLO!

Wow, it feels like I haven’t typed in years!!! It’s only been a week but so much has happened! And with lots of astrological switches goin’ off, it’s been feeling super super busy! Like the driving force of the world is swirling, moving forward again, and I’m still getting used to it!

So I broke my Water Fast 7 days ago today! Last Friday, I broke the 10 days with FRESH, amazingly sweet and ALIVE pow-BAM-BoOMing PINEAPPLE JUICE!!!

Ahhhhhhh, it was SOOOOOO HEAVENLY. So it’s confirmed. My all time favorite part of fasting is tasting that first sip, slurp, bite of whatever you break the fast with! Your taste buds are just so reset, that the re-feeding process is like an invitation into a whole new world! It’s fucking GREAT! So great. OMG I love fasting!

So that first glass of fresh juiced pineapple was KING. And Queen. Just fabulous. Yum.

Following the water fast, my skin is super clear, I lost a bit of weight, feeling light, fast on my feet and happy! =)


Since I was feeling intuitively called by the Pineapple and I found really delicious ones on sale at this awesome little produce spot by my house, I decided to keep it Pineapple for 3 days straight. Just the juice. I averaged about a Pineapple and a half a day, for 3 days.

I broke the 3 day Pineapple juice fast with Watermelon in all its glorious, sweet, juicy, ripe and solid form. Ahhhh. Another mind-blowing experience of flavor! I have virginal taste buds now and each reintroduction to the simplest fruit or veggie is like a bag of pop rocks orgasming in my mouth. So good.

The day after I ate Watermelon, me and a friend did a whole day’s worth of walking. I mean, we legit walked for like 12 hours straight. Walked from Williamsburg to Greenpoint, over the Pulaski, through Long Island City, over the Queensborough Bridge, across the East side to Colombus Circle and Central Park. Took a little break, then decided to take a different route back… so walked from 59st down 2nd Ave to Delancey, over the Williamsburg Bridge and home! It was insane.

On the bridge coming back, I had 2 dizzy spells and felt faint. Almost like the sensation that comes over me when I’m about to black-out while drunk. It was kinda scary. I realized, “Oh shit, I really haven’t eaten anything besides Watermelon and Pineapple juice for the passed 23 days, maybe walking all day in the heat like this wasn’t such a good idea” Haha

The next day I felt another dizzy, weird thing going on. Also, hands felt a bit tingly and I had a muscle spasm in my calf. After looking up these symptoms, I came to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, I was deficient in some minerals! I went out that day and got some celery, corn, avocado, and napa cabbage.

I also raided my mom’s fridge and scored some cherry tomatoes, brocoli, and romaine. I made a very simple corn, tomato avo medley with lime juice, pepper and apple cider vinegar. Then used napa cabbage leaves as wraps and made raw tacos! And it was fucking amazing! Shit!

I felt soooooooooooo revitalized and refueled. I think I was totally missing sodium! Duh!

My face has been GLOWING since incorporating raw veggies into my diet!

And I feel so strong and alive again! Yay for natural sodium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, K and all the other things that come from veggies!!!!!!!!!!

Woooooooooooo! So that’s pretty much my food diary for the passed week!

Well, no! I’m lying! Last night, we did a little Wholefoods hopping AKA Bulk bin/Salad Bar raving! I was picking and sampling all kindsa shit! From seasoned nuts to chia squares (my absolute favvvveeeee, these little squares of chia seeds, nuts, cacao, heaven etc etc), curry cashews… the list goes on and OnNnNn!

Then! That God forsaken salad bar really got me! I threw together the weirdest combo of anything Vegan. I had a couple of soy protein nuggets (and whatever the fuck else was in that), tabouli, red pepper hummus, kale pad thai, squash, carrots, roasted cauliflower, seriously bits of everything and anything that was labeled ‘Vegan’. LOL

And it was all sooooooooooooooo delicious. A bit SALTY (of course) but I def ate too fast (from all the excitement of food) and mixed so many things (way, way too many things), that I suffered the CRAZIEST stomach ache immediately after. It was like instantaneous abdominal bloating and pain. Oh my Lord it was horrible.

To make matters worse, I was so parched the fuck out that I chugged a glass of water right after all of this. Another not so smart move. That just made me feel even more sick and like I was gonna hurl. But I didn’t. I went home shortly after. Took a shower. And went to bed.

This morning upon awaking, I took the hugest shit ever. And today I feel great! =-D Haha. So yeah, a bit of a slip-up/binge. I call it a ‘binge’ because I felt slightly outta control during the Wholefoods fiasco. I don’t like to eat unconsciously and compulsively like that but it happens.

Instead of beating myself up about it though, I’m learning to just be more conscious of it, perhaps understand what the trigger(s) was/were, and keep moving forward. Learning, learning, learning.

I think the main trigger was COFFEE! I visited my friend at his job (coffee shoppe) and he hooked it up with a couple cups of drip. I was super cracked out after and anxious, shaky, etc.

So today, my face is a little greasy, from all the fat, oil, etc in some of the junkie stuff I ate yesterday. But overall, I feel great! It’s been hot as shit out here in NY. Like, Thailand feels. It’s crazy. Right now, I’m in a towel, with 2 box fans blowing hot smoke on me. YAY.

Still a great day!


Am I right or am I- just optimistic!!?

Oh, another thing! Me and my fruity ass friends are about to embark on our journey into the upstate woods for Woodstock Fruit Festival in a couple days! We’re all pretty much volunteers for this awesome raw vegan fruit festival and will be working in the kitchen, produce team, and dining hall serving and helping keep the festival goers (and ourselves) happy and fed!

Yup. So that’s happening like soon. Very soon.

Wooooooooooooo Excited as fuckkkkkk about it! Can’t wait!

I’m not sure what my next fast will be or anything ’cause I still haven’t decided if I want to continue to cleanse while I’m at the fest (fruit mono meals, juices, etc.)  or if I want to just gorge and stuff my face will all the delicious raw vegan stuff we’ll have unlimited access to! Haha Like, am I really gonna NOT eat the stuff I’m helping prepare!? That would be so ridiculous of me! But I do ridiculous shit like this all the time, so not sure yet!


So those are my highlights, updates, etc.

I’m kind of in a rush to end this because it’s so hot 1,

2, I’m feeling antsy (I swear that coffee from yesterday’s still flowin’ thru my veins, it kept me up til 4am last night!), and this really good song is on (Billy Ocean, Caribbean Queen) that I wanna get up and hula hoop/dance to… I’m gonna miss it, fuck. Okay well yeah! So overall, I’m feeling just AMAZING and back to my normal excitedaboutLIFE Self!

I’m really excited about all the changes that are afoot (astrologically and just like, LIFE in general, because I adore change) and about the future!

I’m probably gonna make it a point to update a few more times before the fruit festival because I’m really not sure if I’ll have time to during those 10 days.

This weekend, I’m planning on, most likely, continuing to walk (I LOVE WALKING!), A LOT, or nottt LOL… take my friend and cousin to the riverside Smorgasbord for Vegan sampling and perusing… get a couple o’ bike rides in… and OMG yeah, bottle up some more homemade KomBucHhhaaA!

Homegirl gave me a SCOBY like 2 weeks ago and I’m already on batch #3! The homemade stuff tastes and feels sooooooooo much better than anything store-bought! Serious. And the Booch literally just makes itself! It’s so fun and incredibly SIMPLE once you get the hang of it! So far I’ve made lemon-ginger, grapefruit, tangerine and orange-infused ones! They were all so yummy! So excited to experiment with more flavors! Wooooooooooooooo!

Okay, I’m so over this! Hahaha!




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